Cyril and Vanina are the winners in Wordcreators

Cyril and Vanina are the winners in Wordcreators
For the second year the Blagotvoritel Foundation has organized a national competition for an essay “Wordcreators” The topic, entitled “Teachers open the door, but you have to walk in yourself” (a Chinese proverb) attracted the interest of 116 students from all over the country. The task of the judges committee was particularly difficult because the winners were chosen in a dramatic competition.
Cyril Vassilev from Plovdiv ranked first. He is a mathematician and programmer at the age of 15, and he has won an essay competition already. People say that natural sciences and humanities do not go hand in hand. But when you trust yourself and invest a lot of efforts, diligence and curiosity in your initiatives, the clichés do not hold true and Cyril proves this fact. He defines himself as an “excellent student, who is inspired by original ideas and dreams”. He is studying languages, takes part in various competitions and recently he undertook a serious task – namely, to develop library software for his school.
Here is an abstract from his essay:

"At the end of second grade my class responsible teacher in school encouraged me to write short tales. After I handed in the first one, which she liked a lot, she made me add to it my own illustrations, and then I wrote a second and a third one. The teacher inspired my confidence that I can express my childish imagination in writing briefly, clearly and understandably, and what is more, I enjoyed myself in the process of writing.
At the same time I enrolled in the school of mathematics in my home town. Our teacher in this school explained to us the details given in maths problems and their solutions in the most intriguing manner. This proved to be the turning point of my life. The teacher had opened the door of mathematics for me and I loved this science for good. She opened the door and invited me in, but I was the one who decided that I wanted to learn new things and go beyond the regular mathematics curriculum, to find solutions to difficult problems, participate in competitions and represent my town in a successful way. In the 4th grade, after a series of competitions in which I kept winning the first prizes I was admitted to the high school of mathematics in town where I am studying currently.”   

The second prize in the competition was won by Vanina Kuzova. She is 17 years old, and for the last 10 years she has been a part of the Kastalia Literary club in Varna. For her, writing is “my means of communication both with others, as well as with myself.” She characterizes herself as an aspiring, sincere, devoted person, but she admits she needs to be more patient. Vanina loves travelling because that “enriches you, opens up your mind and teaches you to be brave and ingenious”. A considerable part of her free time, she spends book in hand, because she believes that “qualities like concentration, patience, curiosity, imagination, rich vocabulary in speaking and writing, as well as love of art, can be fostered only through reading”.

Vanina definitely has what to say to the world, and here’s the end of her essay- “because it is not enough for somebody to open the door of knowledge for you, it is necessary for you to have courage, faith, determination and unflinching spirit to work hard in order to walk through that door and then, open another one, then another and so on until the end of your life – to the end of your self-awareness and self-knowledge”.
The winners will receive certificates of participation and money awards, provided by Blagotvoritel Foundation, to the amount of 250 lv. and 150 lv. for the first and the second prize respectively. 116 students from all over the country took part in the competition, most essays being sent from Lovech, Gotse Delchev, Kurdjali, Archar, Bourgas, Varna, Sofia and Petrich. They all were inspired by the meaningful role teachers play in their students’ lives and seeking their rightful place and accountability to the future, along with recognizing their current success.