Hour for virtues

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Aim of the project is to promote the spiritual and moral education of young people by:

  • enriching the professional competence of teachers to build creative people; to build skills for teaching and practicing
  • universal virtues among young people aged 14-17 years.

Target group are 100 teachers who are responsible for the education of young people and are an important factor in their moral and spiritual development. The project will assist teachers to find effective way to students and encourage them to show their best qualities unique.

Direct beneficiaries are more than 1,500 students / from 24 secondary schools in the Sofia region / aged 14 to 17 years old when personal and social identity start to forme and impending significant change in lifestyle.

Area: the project includes schools from: Botevgrad, Etropole, Pravet,s Svoge, Slivnitsa, Dragoman, Godech, Koprivshtitsa, Gorna Malina, Kostinbrod, Bozhurishte, Samokov, Dolna Banya, Kostenets, Ihtiman.

Duration: The project is implemented within 10 months from 01.09.2012 till 30.06.2013

Partners: "I love that child."

Funding: Foundation "Oak".

The project offers a simple but effective strategies that focus on basic human virtues and their conscious in everyday practice. Envisaged a three-day training for 20 teachers from 20 secondary schools in Sofia region in Bankia, where participants will gain skills to teach 36 virtues, including joy, responsibility, love, happiness, determination, courage, generosity, forgiveness, patience, purpose, honesty, creativity, excellence, purity... Then teachers will create teams of 6-8 students and train them to teach the virtues of their classmates six months in the hours of the class.

Will be conducted one-day training for 80 teachers from School "Georgi Sava Rakovski" and school "St. Kliment Ohridski " in Kostenets, School " Neophyte Rilski " in Dolna Baniya and Secondary School " Hristo Botev "in Ihtiman. In these schools had implemented the project "Workshop for virtues" and said directors optional methods of teaching to be more familiar educators. This would ensure long-term sustainability of our activities in virtues.

Expected results:

  • 20 teachers completed a three-day specialized training for teaching and practicing the virtues;
  • 80 teachers received one-day training for the teaching and practice of virtue;
  • A minimum of 60 students from 20 schools, trained to teach the virtues of their classmates;
  • Conducted classes in all virtues of the 20 schools - a minimum of 10;
  • 1,500 youths trained by their peers in the class lessons to practice virtue;
  • Enriched experience of teacher teams moral and spiritual education of youth;

Improved relationships between classmates, teachers and students in schools.

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