On the Web

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n 2005 the Foundation created by its own means first computer and Internet club with 4 PC configurations at orphanage “P. R. Slaveikov” Home in Sofia. This was the beginning of the new project "On the Web".

Aim of the project: enabling children aged between 7 and 18 growing up at Homes for Children Deprived of Parental Care (HCDPC) in the Republic of Bulgaria to gain access to new information technologies and the Internet to overcome social exclusion in which they reside.

Area: At the moment 21 computer and internet clubs are set up in Homes throughout the country and the project is growing further in Sofia, Razliv, Dolna Banya,Bratsigovo,Isperih,Doganovo,Blagoevgrad,Yakoruda, Plovdiv,Stara Zagora, Asenovgrad,Velingrad and Novi han

Results: According to the needs of every home computers and auxiliary equipment are delivered, computers are networked, they are constructed on Internet connections, there has  provided regular maintenance, training is conducted of children and teachers willing to work with basic computer programs.

 Already more than 1400 children have access to the World Wide Web and can communicate with each other through the project site www.vmreja.com.

Microsoft donated to "Blagotvoritel" through organization Tech Soup the following software: Office 2007 Suites, Office 2010 Suites and Apps KMS, Office Professional Plus 2010 MAK, Windows XP Professional, Windows Vista – MAK, Windows Vista – KMS, Win 7 – KMS, Win 7 – KMS, x64 Ed, Windows XP Prof, 32/ x64 Ed. – MAK, Win 7 – KMS, x64 Ed, Windows XP Prof, 32/ x64 Ed. Began installation of these products in 13 Internet clubs.

Higher Grades at School

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From the beginning of 2005 “Blagotvoritel” Foundation decided to award the efforts of the students from the 8th to the 13th class of “P. R. Slaveikov” Home, "Hr. Botev" Home and SOS Children's Villages from Sofia with monthly stipends. The students having excellent grades received a monthly scholarships of 50 levs, while those with very good grades received 25 levs.

Through the scholarships we were able to motivate the young peolpe to aim higher, to achieve better results, and to realise that the efforts made are rewarded.

So far 117 scholarships have been paid: 48 for excellent grades and 69 for very good grades.

Social and Professional Adaptation

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At the end of 2004 “Blagotvoritel” Foundation started its first pilot project. Our attention was focused on children deprived of parental care who live and are brought up in social homes. Over 4700 children based in 60 establishments around the country are growing up isolated from their natural social environment, with an inferiority complex, and lack of faith in their own abilities. This prevents them from demonstrating their inborn abilities and talents and is a barrier to their social integration.

“Blagotvoritel” Foundation chose to give support to the young people coming of age during the transition period of their lives. That was the beginning of the “Social and professional adaptation” project. Its main goal was to encourage the integration of those coming of age, on the threshold of their independent adult life, by offering them more opportunities for future professional realization. Тhe project gives the young peolpe opportunity to follow courses of their chosen preference; courses in construction, driving, cooking, confectionary, waiter's courses, cosmetics, massage, and manicure. Some young people prefer computer, language and university entrance preparatory courses. The effect of the courses was there for all to see: the young people became part of a new environment, made friends with people of similar interests, became aware of different view points and attitude to life. The certificates they received on completing the course contributed substantially to a raised self-esteem and self-confidence which helped them to find a suitable job.

As a result of the project, the rest of the children in the Home were motivated, in spite of the adverse circumstances, to cope with the challenges by being more ambitious, persevering and self-reliant.

In the project participate young peolpe from the Children's Homes “P. R. Slaveikov”, “Hristo Botev”, “Asen Zlatarov”, SOS Children's Villages from Sofia, and children from socially disadvntaged families.

So far 60 young people have taken the opportunity to gain additional professional qualification.


IMG 1308145905174Project purpose: to promote moral and spiritual education of children through conscious practice of virtues in everyday life.
Specific objectives:
• to enrich the methodological experience of kindergarten teachers to educate children in the universal virtues;
• encourage parents to transmit the virtues of their children and develop their abilities to achieve in your life the best of yourself;
• children to learn basic virtues that make use in their daily lives and communicate with the language of virtues.

Duration: The project is a pilot and is implemented within 9 months / 10/01/2010 - 06/30/2011 / in 2 kindergartens in Sofia and one in Novi Han.

Target group are 21 teachers who are responsible for the upbringing and education of children during their stay in the kindergarten. The project will provide methodological support to teachers to find effective way to each child in order for it to show their best qualities unique.

Direct beneficiaries are 310 children from three kindergartens in age from 4 to 6 years and their parents.

Expected results:

teachers to enrich their methodological expertise for the teaching of basic virtues and encourage children to use them in everyday life;

children to learn universal virtues that make use in their daily lives and communicate with the language of virtues;

parents to contribute to the active practice of virtues and aware of their crucial role for the personal development of their children.

Project "Virtue" is funded by the Swiss Foundation "OAK".

Creating My Own Life

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Aim of the project: To support young people, raised without parental care, achieve quality social adaptation during their transition from life in an institution to independent life.

Specific objectives:

  • acquisition of vocational knowledge and skills for success on social and a professional levels;
  • providing opportunities for young people to become aware of, analyze and break up with existing prejudices related to their own personalitiesand creating prerequisites for proactive behavior during self-realization
  • development of coping skills and acquisition of new behavioral models for successful integration in society;
  • building the skills needed for independent search for a suitable job;
  • building a portfolio of skills for writing a CV and letter of motivation, and successful behavior at job interviews.

Target group: Thirty young people from varied social and ethnic backgrounds, aged 16-18, from the P.R. SlaveykovAssen ZlatarovHristo Botev homes in Sofia, SOS Children’s Villages in Sofia, and the Ludogorie home in Isperih.

Stages: The project achieves the above aims by means of three main education and training modules. “Learning about myself” is a three-day psychological training module. “My profession” includes activities to support the young people’s professional development through the participation in a suitable vocational course. Those who successfully complete their training receive certificates which give their holders an advantage on the labor market.  “I need a job” is a two-day proactive labor market skills training module.

Duration: eight months; from 01.10.2008  to 31.05.2009

Funding: the project budget amounts to 27 055 leva; 25 701leva being funding form the State Budget for 2008 under Act Nr. 174 of the Council of Ministers of 15 July 2008.

Results: thirty young people from the homes in Sofia and Isperih took vocational courses in: driving, cookery, hospitality, beauty therapy, foreign language, exam preparation in mathematics and IT; they learned how to be active on the labor market; set their short-term goals and the specific moves to achieve them.

School Success

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"Blagotvoritel started the project" School of Success "pursuant to a grant № BG051PO001-4.1.05-0202, funded by the Operational Programme" Human Resources Development ", co-financed by the European Social Fund of the European Union scheme BG051PO001-4.1. 05 - "Educational Integration of Children and Students from Ethnic Minorities."

Project is implemented in partnership with the school "Father Paissiy" Ognianovo and school "Vasil Levski" village Trivoditsi and implemented within the two schools.

Objective of the project is to facilitate the learning process for keeping Roma children in schools through specific methods and approaches such as: • increase the knowledge and skills of teachers to work in a multicultural environment; • integrate parents of children with different ethnic backgrounds in school life; • create conditions for development the interests and abilities of children at risk of dropping out, with the introduction of new extracurricular activities.

Target group: Primary part of the target group includes 80 children from ethnic minorities, students in school "Father Paissiy" Ognianovo and school "Vasil Levski" village Trivoditsi. Their common feature is the lack of motivation to participate in the learning process, the presence of learning difficulties due to excessive absence from school or having special educational needs. Second part of the target group comprises 26 teaching professionals working in schools project partners. Third part of target group consists of 30 parents of children at risk of dropping out or have dropped out of school.

Main activities: Training and consultation to school staff to work in a multicultural environment, work with parents from ethnic minorities to include their children in the educational process; Motivation for participation in the learning process of children at risk of dropping out; Improving the school environment to support and develop the interests and abilities of children; Implementation of measures for increasing tolerance and acceptance of differences in the local community, promotion of the project and its results; Organization and project management.

Duration: 12.03.2013 until 11.03.2014.

Expected results:

  •    30 families received social support and counselling, group activities conducted 9 in "School for Parents";
  •        26 teachers received 2 specialized training;
  •        30 children consulted a psychologist;
  •        20 children passed correctional work with a speech therapist;
  •        40 children attended the EPA 'manners, customs, traditions and creativity ";
  •        40 children attended the club "Virtues";
  •        20 children attending the club "Young Ecologist"
  •        20 children attended the workshop "Skilful Hands";
  •        90 children visited the school holiday;
  •        Conducted 4 educational trips for children;
  •        Conducted 2 culinary feast;
  •        Conducted 2 sports festival;
  •        Conducted two days for the cultural traditions of ethnic groups;
  •        Organized a travelling exhibition;
  •        Conducted informational meetings and conferences;
  •        A 4 between institutional workshops;
  •        A mechanism for effective interaction between institutions at the local level.
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Virtues Workhouse

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The aim of the project is to support the moral and spiritual education of young people from highschools in Ichtiman, Kostenetz and Dolna banya.


Secondary aims:

  • To build skills for teaching and practicing virtues in the everyday lives of young people between the age of 16-18.
  • To enrich the professional competence of teachers in four schools.
  • To increase the social awareness about the benefits of practicing virtues to the personal development of young people.

The project tries to implement the established experience in the moral and spiritual education of children and youth in more than 85 countries on 5 continents.

Target group: 480 young people between the ages 16-18 from the following highschools: Proffesional Highschool “Georgi Sava Rakovski” and “St. Kliment Ohridski” highschool in Kostenetz, “Neofit Rilski” highschool in Dolna Banya and “Hristo Botev” highschool in Ihtiman.

36 young people from the target group will receive special training on teaching virtues, in order to transfer their experience to their peers in 16 classes.

Pedagogical teams leading the home-room teacher classes also took part in the project. They will have training and will coordinate and monitor the transfer of experience between the young people.

Expected results:

  • Compiled guide – “Teaching Virtues methodology” and compiled teaching materials.
  • 36 young people will have a specialized training for teaching and practicing virtues to their peers
  • 480 young people who will be trained by their peers to practice their virtues
  • Increased moral criteria of the young people, decreased influence of risk factors, such as violence, addictions, prostitution, trafficking, etc.
  • Improved relations between classmates, students and teachers in the four schools.
  • Enlarged professional experience of the pedagogical teams in the moral and spiritual education of young people.
  • Social awareness of the benefits of practicing virtues and a better understanding of the needs of young people.

Duration: The project will be carried on in the period 05 august 2011 – 04 august 2012.

Partners: “Love That Child” Foundation.

Funding: The project is financed through the 2011 State Budget Law of Bulgaria.

I Can. On Equal Terms.

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Aim of the project: to provide opportunities for quality social integration to young people about to leave the homes for children deprived of parental care in the towns of Stara Zagora and Bratsigovo.

Target group: young people of varied social and ethnic backgrounds, living in the Vassil Petleshkov and Ana Gizdovahomes in Bratsigovo, and the BulgarkaMaria Tereziya, andTeofano Popova homes in Stara Zagora.

Stages: psychological training, training in proactive behavior for the labor market, and vocational training courses chosen by the young people.

Results: out of the 50 young people form the homes in Bratsigovo and Stara Zagora, who took part in the first two stages of the project, 27 successfully completed their courses – 19 in cookery, 4 in hairdressing, 3 in welding, and 1 in exam preparation.

Funding: the project funding is provided by VIVACOM and was implemented in partnership with representatives of Jobtiger.

Establishing a Social Services Centre in the Municipality of Bratsigovo

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Aim of the project: Restructuring of the Ana Gizdova social institution for children into a Social Services Centre for children and families at risk living in the Municipality of Bratsigovo.

Specific objectives:

  1. To create the conditions needed to enhance the skills of young people needed for coping with independent life, outside the social institutions, by offering the “Transitional home” service.
  2. Development and implementing the “Day Centre” service for the prevention of institutionalization of children at risk.
  3. Development of re-integration services for the children from the Ana Gizdovahome.

Target groups:

  • children and young people from the Ana Gizdovahome who have spent long periods of time at institutions;
  • children at risk of abandonment and their families living in the municipality of Bratsigovo.

Duration: one year; from 01.12.2008  to 30.11.2009

Partners: Foundation Step by Step, Association Love for Our Children

Results: the premises of the Ana Gizdova home were renovated and furnished for the needs of the following services: “Transitional home” for 12 young people aged 16 – 18 and “Day Centre” for 10 children at risk from the Bratsigovo municipality. The teams of professionals working with the children and their families were formed and trained. Thirteen young people learned skills needed for independent life, 8 took part in vocational training courses in cookery and hairdressing. The quality of institutional care was raised for 29 children – 4 were re-integrated, 2 were adopted, 13 were transferred to the Vassil Petleshkov home where the conditions were better.

Funding: Phare programme BG 2006/018-343.01.01 – “Deinstitutionalization through provision of community based services for risk groups”.

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