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MG 1390227203199.JPGhe project aims to assist in the development of creative conscious individuals and cohesive communities by expanding the scope of application of the methodology for the teaching and practice of human virtues.

Target group: 15 young people who have left institutions for children and successfully navigate their own life path. Proportion of young people are students, others have found a suitable job and support themselves.
The aim is for young people to be supported in the process of self-realization, like get acquainted with the 36 universal virtues to practice in their daily lives. Already started independent life are future parents that it is important to become familiar with the basic principles in the upbringing of a child as a creative person and be a motivating factor for young children in institutions.

Duration: 5 months /from 15.05.2013 to 15.11.2013 on/

Funding: The project "Steps toward independence " of SOS Children's Villages Sofia with the financial support of SOS Children's Villages Denmark, through funds provided by the Velux Foundation, Denmark.

BIG IMG 1390248437299Main activities:
Conducting specialized training
Conducted two trainings for a total of 23 young people from the home of "P. Slavejkov" home "Hristo Botev" and Assen Zlatarov "Sofia, SOS Children's Villages Sofia, protected home "Together" Gurmazovo observed home in the village Skravena observed home "Colourful House" Lozen. Trainees are familiar with the educational strategies of the project and the knowledge and skills to teach through interactive methods virtues of children and young people in care centers. After training the young people started to teach virtues in homes of their choice.

Popularize best practices:
Roundtable was organized in November on "The school as a source of inspiration for a modern interpretation of moral standards. "The discussion was attended by representatives of secondary schools in Sofia and Sofia Region city of Education, Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski”, Sofia Municipality, the Bulgarian National Radio "Hristo Botev", the "I love this child", the "Step by Step", "Blagotvoritel", observed home Lozen. Participants agreed on the idea - School through modern educational opportunities it offers, is called to preserve spiritual values of society and to show the criteria for them.
Reprinted methodology for teaching and practicing the virtues of shared invaluable experience of the project "Workshop virtues" and "Time virtues" of the "Blagotvoritel" in Bulgarian schools. Are printed 150 copies of the textbook to reach more teachers and students and effectively implemented.

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Achieved results

  • 23 young people completed two specialized training for teaching and practicing virtues;
  • Conducted 20 hours a virtue in centers for children;
  • More than 50 children and youth who participated in the classes virtues;
  • Fill republished textbook Methods for teaching and practicing virtues - 150 pcs;
  • Enriched experience of the trainers to work with vulnerable youth;
  • Held a round table on the role and place of moral education in the learning process;
  • Enriched experience of the team of the "Blagotvoritel" in terms of conducting meaningful public discussion;
  • Increased moral categories of young people , reduced the influence of risk factors - abuse, violence , prostitution, trafficking, etc.;
  • Inform the public about the benefits of practicing the virtues and better understanding of the needs of young people.

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