Social and Professional Adaptation

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At the end of 2004 “Blagotvoritel” Foundation started its first pilot project. Our attention was focused on children deprived of parental care who live and are brought up in social homes. Over 4700 children based in 60 establishments around the country are growing up isolated from their natural social environment, with an inferiority complex, and lack of faith in their own abilities. This prevents them from demonstrating their inborn abilities and talents and is a barrier to their social integration.

“Blagotvoritel” Foundation chose to give support to the young people coming of age during the transition period of their lives. That was the beginning of the “Social and professional adaptation” project. Its main goal was to encourage the integration of those coming of age, on the threshold of their independent adult life, by offering them more opportunities for future professional realization. Тhe project gives the young peolpe opportunity to follow courses of their chosen preference; courses in construction, driving, cooking, confectionary, waiter's courses, cosmetics, massage, and manicure. Some young people prefer computer, language and university entrance preparatory courses. The effect of the courses was there for all to see: the young people became part of a new environment, made friends with people of similar interests, became aware of different view points and attitude to life. The certificates they received on completing the course contributed substantially to a raised self-esteem and self-confidence which helped them to find a suitable job.

As a result of the project, the rest of the children in the Home were motivated, in spite of the adverse circumstances, to cope with the challenges by being more ambitious, persevering and self-reliant.

In the project participate young peolpe from the Children's Homes “P. R. Slaveikov”, “Hristo Botev”, “Asen Zlatarov”, SOS Children's Villages from Sofia, and children from socially disadvntaged families.

So far 60 young people have taken the opportunity to gain additional professional qualification.

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