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n 2005 the Foundation created by its own means first computer and Internet club with 4 PC configurations at orphanage “P. R. Slaveikov” Home in Sofia. This was the beginning of the new project "On the Web".

Aim of the project: enabling children aged between 7 and 18 growing up at Homes for Children Deprived of Parental Care (HCDPC) in the Republic of Bulgaria to gain access to new information technologies and the Internet to overcome social exclusion in which they reside.

Area: At the moment 21 computer and internet clubs are set up in Homes throughout the country and the project is growing further in Sofia, Razliv, Dolna Banya,Bratsigovo,Isperih,Doganovo,Blagoevgrad,Yakoruda, Plovdiv,Stara Zagora, Asenovgrad,Velingrad and Novi han

Results: According to the needs of every home computers and auxiliary equipment are delivered, computers are networked, they are constructed on Internet connections, there has  provided regular maintenance, training is conducted of children and teachers willing to work with basic computer programs.

 Already more than 1400 children have access to the World Wide Web and can communicate with each other through the project site www.vmreja.com.

Microsoft donated to "Blagotvoritel" through organization Tech Soup the following software: Office 2007 Suites, Office 2010 Suites and Apps KMS, Office Professional Plus 2010 MAK, Windows XP Professional, Windows Vista – MAK, Windows Vista – KMS, Win 7 – KMS, Win 7 – KMS, x64 Ed, Windows XP Prof, 32/ x64 Ed. – MAK, Win 7 – KMS, x64 Ed, Windows XP Prof, 32/ x64 Ed. Began installation of these products in 13 Internet clubs.

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